The Dos and Don’ts You Never Want to Miss

wedding photographers DorsetEven if a wedding photographer has taken tens of thousands of pictures, there’s a big chance that he’s done one or more of the don’ts below. And even if one has learned so much from professional wedding photographers Dorset, there’s no telling if he knows the dos that a photographer should be doing.

Dos and don’ts that you shouldn’t forget as a wedding photographer.

Don’t and do: Consulting

The don’ts that you absolutely have to avoid when consulting is to talk about price and budget yourself. If your client isn’t discussing it, respect them and assume them like every other client without trying to judge them just based on their appearance. Allow the conversation flow naturally and keep your professional composure.

This means that you always need to treat all customers the same and try to work things out with them. Making them reliant on you is more important because that will create a special position for you in them.

Don’t and do: Posed pictures

Never be too fixated on posed pictures, yet don’t dismiss them as something unimportant. No clients prioritize posed pictures above others, but it does not mean that this is a removable part of the service. Always strive to practice this one as it turns out, not all photographers are able to take posed pictures that don’t look forced.

One of the best wedding photographers Dorset is Martin Bell and you can check out his site at He has an equal specialty in both natural but also posted pictures. This is also a proof that many clients are still putting formal pictures are an important part of their album. It’s also to create a memory of who had come to their party and shared in the joy.

Don’t and do: Being a nuisance

There’s no better way to explain this part. As professional as some photographers are, they lack the proper manner when appearing and working with their clients. This is a major problem because the client cannot complain much by the time the photographer arrives. This is actually not a good manner and can even be seen as disrespectful.

Keep your appearance as wedding photographers Dorset fit to the theme of the place you’re working at. You’re obviously going to attend someone’s holy ceremony, so the right way to do it is to show respect to the place and your clients. Wear formal clothes and always have spares ready.

Another thing about being a nuisance is to keep your manner during the work. Don’t stay in a weird position just because you need to take some shots. Although it is commendable of you to try and take those pictures, it’s going to distract the people of the party and even embarrassing for your clients.

Plan your work carefully. You have a lot of chances to visit the venue first before the wedding day. One way to get those shots is to keep a static camera at a different position, so you don’t have to move around too much. And it’s also important that you only do this when it’s only a posed type of picture that is done outside the ceremony and reception.

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