Poses To Try Out For Your Wedding Photography For A Bride

Finding the perfect pose for your wedding photography is sort of like finding a needle in a haystack.

wedding photographyWith so many poses to try out, you may find yourself groping in the dark for the right ones that make you look like the bride of your dreams. If you browse through social media or bridal magazine, you may see a model doing an intricate yet beautiful pose and you may keen on copying it. Sadly, this doesn’t go very well. Before deciding to scrap the wedding photography idea, think about trying out some of the suggest poses for your wedding photography. It might be enlightening, with you liking and looking good with some, if not, all of the poses.

The first pose a bride should do is one with the veil.

Never underestimate the power of a veil in wedding photography. In the hands of a skilled wedding photographer and a creative bride, a wedding veil can produce dozen of amazing wedding photos. Talk to your wedding photographer about getting focused shots of you wearing the veil for your wedding photographer. Use the eyes as the center of the photo. Take a solo picture of the bride looking into the distance with veil framing the side of her face for a dreamy, dramatic look. Another pose you should try out is of the bride sitting on stairs or standing up with the trail cascading down the steps. Do one with her looking at the camera and her not. This is a good wedding photography idea when you want to show off your lovely wedding gown.

You can also try a shot of the bride lying on the ground with her wedding dress fanning out around her.

Again, this is a great shot when you want to showcase your dress. After the solo poses comes the ones as a couple. A great couple pose one can have for wedding photography is the one with the groom embracing the bride from behind and both look at each other’s eyes. This is a great way to show the intimacy and love between the bride and the groom. Plus, this would make a great living room picture. A variation of this intimate shot is the one where the bride and groom are looking at the camera instead of each other with a big smile. This is a great pose if the bride or groom is uncomfortable with the first one.

Another great pose for your wedding photography is of the bride being carried by the groom with the pair looking at either each other or at the camera.

This is a traditional wedding shot which can either be supper intimate or quirky, depending on the facial expression of the bride and the groom. The last pose is a little tricky to capture and stage. Picture the bride falling into the arms of the groom and them staring intently into each other. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes a terrific pose for those couples who want to show off how one “fell” for the other. Try out these poses and see which one works for you best.

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